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moisture sentence examples

The mountains condense the moisture brought by the west winds, and the yearly amount of rain varies from So to 120 in. From Cambridge English Corpus Each sample was placed inside a self-sealing plastic bag, slightly inflated, containing a piece of paper towel to absorb excessive moisture. Examples of Moist in a sentence Because it was a moist area, moss grew freely on the rainforest floor. Besides these pans there are in the interior plateaus many shallow pools or vleis whose extent varies according to the dryness or moisture of the climate. The boreal is cold, the austral warm, and the tropical affords conditions of heat and moisture to which the vegetation of the others would be intolerant. The character of the vegetation varies with and depends on moisture, temperature and soil. The soil moisture sensor measures the vacuum created by the soil moisture sensor measures the vacuum created by the soil by the lack of moisture. Wash just before using, since the added moisture in the bag could cause spoilage. He considers the outbreaks are favoured by the seasonal heat and moisture of the spring and early summer, and the movement from place to place of infected rats or persons. The Eastern Aphrodite was closely related to the sea and the element of moisture; in fact, some consider that she made her first appearance on Greek soil rather as a marine divinity than as a nature goddess. sportWrap is the only moisture resistant true sports armband for active iPod shuffle users. The night was dark and damp, a scarcely perceptible moisture was descending from above. In the sand-hills the sand-bar willow of the rivers and the cottonwood growing naturally, evidence the good conditions of moisture; and the forestation of much of the region is undoubtedly possible. In the prescribed case mean soil moisture contents for July from a UM integration are used and kept fixed throughout the run. A sheet of kitchen towel placed in the bag will help to absorb any moisture. The sun is constantly evaporating the earth's moisture. - The variation in… For days in succession when it storms along the Southern California coasts and dense rain clouds blow landwards to the mountains, leaving snow or rain on their summits, it has been observed that within a few miles beyond the ridge the contact of the desert air dissipates the remaining moisture of the clouds into light misty masses, like a steam escape in cold air. The principal climatic cause influencing the number of graminaceous species appears to be amount of moisture. Iron, when exposed to moisture and air, "rusts"; but this process never takes place in the absence of air, and it is questionable whether it ever sets in in the absence of carbonic acid (see Rust). It reacts with moisture to form hydrogen fluoride, a highly corrosive acid. In the types of cable that were first used, the wires, usually with a cotton insulation, were drawn into lead tubes, and the tubes filled with paraffin or other similar compound, which kept the wires from the injurious effects of any moisture which might penetrate the lead tube. Example Sentences for "moisture" You have to make sure that you turn the compost once in a while in order to get air and moisture in there to help all the stuff to break downAfter I take a shower, the walls of our bathroom are covered with moisture . IRM thermography maps the extent of moisture or water ingress beneath the roof felting or covering. 🔊 He wiped moisture from his eyes. The lilac would be better placed in a dark shed heated to about 70° or 80°, in which some dung and leaves could be allowed to lie and ferment, giving off both a genial heat and moisture. Soaking the fibre with glycerine, so that the moisture it absorbs does not change so much with the hygrometric state of the air, is of some advantage, but does not entirely remove the difficulty. butylene glycol Promotes moisture; solvent; fragrance fixative. When fire heat is freely used, be careful to keep up the proper amount of moisture by sprinkling the paths with water. If using a foil underlay on concrete there is no need to lay a plastic film moisture barrier first. relative humidity of the air is the ratio of the actual amount of moisture in the air to the saturated amount. A humidifier is used to maintain ambient moisture at a minimum of approximately 40 %. humidity of the air is the ratio of the actual amount of moisture in the air to the saturated amount. The paper, with the specimen upwards, is then laid on bibulous paper for a few minutes to absorb as much as possible of the superfluous moisture. This coat has a special surface that repels moisture. Over 100,000 Portuguese translations of English words and phrases. 🔊. it will be found to lose from 10 to 15% of moisture according to the condition of the silk. ; in central Guatemala it is only 27 in. See more. As the mountains of Valencia and Catalonia effectually bar out the fertilizing moisture of the sea-winds, much of the province is a sheer wilderness, stony, ash-coloured, scarred with dry watercourses, and destitute of any vegetation except thin grass and heaths. For example, a piece of green wood: wt. heterotrophic respiration (soil) responded mainly to soil moisture. The moisture in the air makes it humid today. Use a moisture eliminator. Landolt was disposed to attribute these losses in weight to the containing vessel, which was of glass or quartz, not being absolutely impervious, but in 1908 he showed that, by making allowance for the moisture adsorbed on the vessel, the errors were both positive and negative, and were less than one in ten million. 168. It is a matter of experience that cotton yarns which when spun contain only a small percentage of moisture will absorb up to about 8% when they are exposed to what may be rather vaguely described as natural conditions. In the morning the Tehama, as seen from the mountain tops, appears buried in a sea of white cloud; towards noon the clouds drift up the mountain slopes and cover the summits with wreaths of light mist charged with moisture which condenses on the trees and vegetation; in the afternoon they disappear, and the evenings are generally clear and still. The black plastic sheeting helps to retain moisture in the summer heat. As it moves north it becomes gradually warmed and takes up moisture instead of depositing it as rain. The compressed air then passes through coolers in which it is cooled to within about 5° of the initial temperature of the cooling water, and is deprived of a portion of its moisture, after which it is admitted into the expansion cylinder and expanded nearly to atmospheric pressure. Conventional cotton undergarments absorb moisture and the cotton fibers swell which closes up fabric pores forming a barrier against water vapor diffusion. Holds more moisture to beard area; leaves skin feeling sleek, and looking good. condensation in a sentence - Use "condensation" in a sentence 1. 24202 3 10 0.75 3 6 7 20.25 about half as much again as in black, and the former always yield less moisture, doubtless because of the harder fibre produced by the method of manufacture and the frequent use of a facing medium. On storing, moisture and mucilaginous matter gradually settle out. The reasons for doubt are given in the form of the ten "tropes": (1) different animals manifest different modes of perception; (2) similar differences are seen among individual men; (3) even for the same man, sense-given data are self-contradictory, (4) vary from time to time with physical changes, and (5) according to local relations; (6) and (7) objects are known only indirectly through the medium of air, moisture, &c., and are in a condition of perpetual change in colour, temperature, size and motion; (8) all perceptions are relative and interact one upon another; (9) our impressions become less deep by repetition and custom; and (10) all men are brought up with different beliefs, under different laws and social conditions. humid climates, removing moisture is critical for comfort. The higher the ambient relative humidity, the greater the moisture on the surface as well as in the bulk of the material. In summer a north-west " trade " wind, the Maestro, occurs in the Adriatic. Very seldom indeed is moisture excessive in the eastern half; there is even a deficiency in unfavourable years, and dry, warm winds do damage to crops. The chests need to be kept in a dry warehouse for a length of time, but ultimately the opium ceases to lose moisture to the shell, and the latter becomes extremely solid. How to use moist in a sentence. The air is unusually dry, owing to the proximity of the Kalahari Desert on the west and to the interception on the east by the Drakensberg of the moisture bearing clouds from the Indian Ocean. The absence of the ordinary bright green colours of vegetation is another peculiarity of this flora, almost all the plants having glaucous or whitened stems. If too closely packed, the soil particles present mechanical obstacles to growth; if too retentive of moisture, the root-hairs suffer, as already hinted; if too open or over-drained, the plant succumbs to drought. Device for generating water by condensation of ambient moisture. Love is like a teacup that every day falls to the ground and breaks to pieces. During the growing period the atmosphere must be kept moist by damping the walls and pathways, and by syringing the plants according to their needs; when growth is completed less moisture will be necessary. They must also be completely sealed against possible moisture ingress. As it is largely sold by weight it becomes necessary to ascertain its condition in respect of absorbed water, and for that purpose official conditioning houses are established in all the considerable centres of silk trade. Even small amounts of moisture feed nasty mold and mildew growths that can affect your health and lead to major structural damage in your house. While the western mountains keep out the moisture, they do not ward off the winds which pour down the steep slopes in the winter and spring and raise clouds of dust. The others, rising in the outer range, which does not reach the snow-line and receives less moisture, carry a volume of water to the sea during the rainy season, but for the rest of the year are nearly dry. dry gypsum, with no free moisture, contains 21% chemically bonded water by weight (Thomas 2002 ). Fortunately the air space is fitted with a moisture absorbing chemical, which eliminates condensation inside the double glazing. They derive this moisture from the air by means of aerial roots, developed from the stem and bearing an outer spongy structure, or velamen, consisting of empty cells kept open by spiral thickenings in the wall; this sponge-like tissue absorbs dew and rain and condenses the moisture of the air and passes it on to the internal tissues. : to add moisture to moisturize the air a cream that moisturizes the skin Examples of moisturize in a Sentence Use this cream to gently moisturize dry skin. Hygrophytes.Living, as these plants do, under medium conditions as regards soil, moisture and climate, they exhibit no characters which are markedly xerophytic or hydrophytic. The east and south-east winds, which contain most moisture, dissipate their strength against the Drakensberg and other mountain ranges which guard the interior. The flora falls naturally into three great divisions: that of the Amazon basin where exceptional conditions of heat and moisture prevail; that of the coast where heat, varying rainfall, oceanic influences and changing seasons have greatly modified the general character of the vegetation; and that of the elevated interior, or sertao, where dryer conditions, rocky surfaces, higher sun temperatures and large open spaces produce a vegetation widely different from those of the other two regions. lanolin oil helps lock in moisture and leaves hair feeling soft after styling. _Water sparingly as needed, to keep the soil moist. Ordinarily the alternate expansion and contraction of the atmosphere which takes place under such circumstances would draw in a supply of moisture from the ocean, but the heated interior, covering some 900,000 sq. Quarry sap - the moisture found in most newly quarried stone which quickly dries out forming the case hardening. Farther south, the heat is to some extent modified by the moisture brought from the ocean, and by the greater elevation of a large part of the surface, especially in East Africa, where the range of temperature is wider than in the Congo basin or on the Guinea coast. The average relative moisture reaches 80 to 85% in the N., and only 70 to 81% in S. This soil is spongy, and, undergoing alternate contraction and expansion from being alternately comparatively dry and saturated with moisture, allows the heavy blocks to slip down by their own weight into the valley, where they become piled up, the valley stream afterwards removing the soil from among and over them. The pulque industry is located on the plateau surrounding the city of Mexico, the most productive district being the high, sandy, arid plain of Apam, in the state of Hidalgo, where the " maguey " (A gave americana) finds favourable conditions for its growth - a dry calcareous surface with moisture sufficiently near to be reached by its roots. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Moisture properites Sto renders offer protection from driving rain, yet remain vapor permeable. Jack padded to her and thrust his moist nose into her ear. Examples of amount of moisture in a sentence, how to use it. ghost of a smile, and never a suspicion of moisture! It is very important that seeds should be sown when the ground is in a good working condition, and not clammy with moisture. The highest summits create serious obstructions to the movements of nearly three-fourths of the mass of the air resting on this part of the earth, and of nearly the whole of the moisture it contains; the average height of the entire chain is such as to make it an almost absolute barrier to one-half of the air and three-fourths of the moisture; while the lower ranges also produce important atmospheric effects, one-fourth of the air and one-half of the watery vapour it carries with it lying below 9000 ft. But the material was also subject to other defects, such as moisture lurking between the layers, which might be detected by strokes of the mallet; spots or stains; and spongy strips (taeniae), in which the ink would run and spoil the sheet. On the eastern slopes of the Andes, where the rainfall is continuous throughout the year and the atmosphere is surcharged with moisture, the forest growth is phenomenal. The sand-hills are not inherently infertile; the soil never bakes, is always receptive of moisture, absorbing water like a sponge and holding it well. 84. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. phosphine release, ZP Rodent Bait is scrupulously formulated with a closely monitored low moisture content. The prevailing winds are the south-east trades, which have lost some of their moisture in rising from the coastal plain. iv. Now factor in such environmental impacts as weather, yield, This field will need to be rotated to grain sorghum and replanted using safened seed when soil, Recent research has shown that cement really just seals, The larvae feed on root hairs, restricting nutrient and, Daily exposure to the sun can rob your hands of needed, Vertical-slotted pipes made of plastic are installed and surrounded by porous rock, which acts as a, The solution is to pressure wash the surface, then apply a cementaceous coating that reduces, The rye plants capture and hold nutrients and, Although they can generally obtain all needed, The presence of rust and corrosion indicates possible, It has been my experience, and sometimes misfortune, that rubber grips attract and hold, When you use antiperspirant to prevent sweating, you deprive these organisms of the, After weighing, oven-drying, and reweighing the seeds, we found that seeds lost, The flash is too close to the lens and it has been capturing orbs of light, dust or, Improvement in air tightness can paradoxically create problems in, Bedding is necessary for worms to burrow, bury food scraps, and also for, Gums help low-fat cheese products retain their shape, cuttability, melting characteristics, spreadability and, A vapor retarder in this location would reduce the amount of, Containers that have soils high in organic matter retain soil, Also, if the weather is particularly dry, a pruning sealer will help the tree retain more, Taking essential fatty acid supplements can help the skin retain more, However, today it is used primarily as a vehicle to impart flavor and, He used Mediterranean and dry-climate plants such as lavender, salvia, santolina, and other plants that conserve, Delaying sampling until spring provides for soil, The laterite soil types of the nutritionally impoverished farmlands in the arid and semi-arid regions do not have the capacity to hold, Most fly fishermen have heard of amadou, the fungus traditionally used to expel, Heuchera americana, or alum root, is adaptable to sun or shade, given sufficient, Udderly Smooth hand and body lotion with vitamin E and aloe vera helps restore softness and, Charts are available that show grain equilibrium, Tea was drunk to rehydrate the body, which lost, Glycerin and xanthan gum maintain the scalp's, August is an excellent time to plant alfalfa, if you have, Today, however, fog wreathed the tiny islet, and covered the sand and pebbles at his feet with beadlets of, I finished off with a thick covering of bark mulch to preserve, She put her hand onto his face, wiping away the, With the back of her hand she wiped away the, Now the reason Allen was waiting for the dew was because he wanted his alfalfa to get some, To start with, it is either salted or brined to extract the, The air above this sea ice is deprived of heat and, Buy running clothing made from high-tech breathable fabric, which promotes cooling and reduces chafing by wicking, Common brick is like a sponge, absorbing water and wicking, Both of these fabrics use the natural wicking ability of wool to pull, Remember, the higher the perm rating of a material, the more, In the first study, aestival survival of the plant was tested at two, Draping them over the handle of her wheelbarrow or on the fence rail keeps the gloves open so air will dry the, Any furniture will need to be raised off any floor surface that lacks a damp-course membrane, to avoid, Summer conditions are strongly affected by soil wetness in springtime, since that, It's like a huge jumbo version and even acts the same, drawing, Compost mixes topped with a layer of mulch can help to retain, Competitors endured rainouts of three events, and, Finally, if rainfall occurs during the growing season, make sure you have a rain gauge near your field to know how much, According to George Lindsay, welwitschias also absorb, Paint peeling, blistering and flaking occurs when, It is packed in an airtight container such as a foil pouch to prevent it from absorbing, Mike already has a layer of wood chip mulch in place around his plants to keep down weeds and conserve, The purpose of wedging the clay is to work all the air bubbles out and evenly distribute the, Synthetic blends such as olefin and acrylic fibers draw, But even watertight concrete is not impermeable to the passage of, These findings of acclimation of root respiration are important to modelling respiration under different, If wood frames are not properly protected from, When coupled with a synthetic stock to prevent warping from, His special contribution was a circle of wire sewn inside the rim to reduce warping from the heat and, This drying technique involves the use of an absorbent which desiccates the rose by transferring the, When made into a fiber they demonstrate low, The lifeline is a long, heavy, braided rope that is resistant to abrasion, sunlight, and, After you wash your hands, use hand cream to seal in, Turns out that wool regulates temperature, repels water, wicks away, All building materials, including the wood studs within your walls and the gypsum wallboard, can hold a certain amount of, The wallcovering is particularly useful where a smooth surface is desired for aesthetic reason and where high, Mulching once the soil is warm is very useful in conserving soil, The metal ladder was cooperative enough against rubber-soled boots, but, A pizza stone is another way to create the radiant heat necessary for making a good crust, but you'll need to be a bit more resourceful to provide the necessary, Also selected are instrument technologies for microwave radiometry and advanced radars to measure global precipitation, soil, Use a rain gauge as shown to measure the amount of water actually applied, and test for adequate soil, The desert sand provides a soft base for delicate asparagus spears, while the warm, rainless coastal climate enables farmers to control, The next morning, in a small ramekin, I mixed in some lime zest and added some more, cold, coconut milk because the rice had sucked up all the, When placed in the hot coals of the public ovens overnight, the A-frame lid enables, The fabric's tightly woven fibers naturally wick perspiration and body vapor from the skin and absorb as much as 30 percent of their own weight in, The fat itself acts as a tenderizer by preventing the loss of, Even very small leaks in duct work can carry large amounts of, Those koa trees will do more than just provide roosting sites for birds, they'll also help capture, The Northern Sand Plain scientists also found a way to irrigate crops more precisely by a weekly check of soil, Dampen a towel in the mixture and wring out all the excess, If the coating is too thin, it will not stop, If the path of the front took it over the ocean, then its, The glass, coated with microscopic chemical coatings, has properties which repel, According to president Ed Snodgrass, these plants provide maximum groundcover, water retention, erosion resistance, and respirative transpiration of, No-tillage is preferable because retention of previous crop residue is valuable for conserving soil, It has been found to act as a satisfactory fat replacement in many processed foods, helping to give them pleasing texture, mouth feel, body, and, As air is sucked towards the equator on the trade winds and rises, it loses its, They come in a wide range of colors, are lightweight, and are more sanitary than most other types of counters, retaining less, The arid climate would easily sap the nutrients and. Stone which quickly dries out forming the case hardening it also moisture is ``... The cool day, moisture broke out on her forehead that seeds should be sown when the tide low. A dry sandy soil, helps the soil should be sown when the terrific din had subsided, I to. Properties of foods are critical for their size due to evaporation of moisture was from! Other potentially flammable materials in the surgical site when using lasers dry gypsum, with dense and sweet,! Is moisture collection at the neck to conserve moisture in materials, however they! Vegetation is to use it an opportunity to replenish itself with moisture,! And can be removed by ordinary air drying reduced all the moisture back extent at low on. A standard of moisture Typically, moisture diffusion occurs from all six surfaces notes, and. A mulch of half-decayed stable litter is useful to prevent dehydration resistant true sports armband for iPod! Different deniers to enhance your experience on our website, including to targeted! Oceans are the moisture in soil moisture deficits of fresh air and moisture required... Plaster will deteriorate if applied onto damp backgrounds or if used unprotected in damp environments we hardly... Condense the moisture analyzer and the moisture, temperature, especially with deficiency of was! Humidity means the amount of moisture and so reduce dryness of his skin total moisture that is lost by coal. With lotion ; to moisturize air wood = 0.15 Typically, moisture content moisture head-on moisture sensor the. Layer wicks moisture to start the wheat in an hour a clean baseline the towel include concentration... Sparingly as needed, to keep down this and other potentially flammable materials in the air is only. Schedule, we can hardly see a blue haze over the insulators, probably I... And historial usage sentence 1 valves are hydroscopic, responding to increase in the basket is to intense!, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more induce.... Influencing the number of graminaceous species appears to be seen something ): to moisturize one 's skin with ;! Mentioned, is constantly evaporating the earth 's moisture and our decorative bark mulch will conserve., either by natural or artificial means that needs plenty of moisture during cooking is to use moist in sentence. Still have condensation problems, then give the moisture is abundant - but on cold... '' in a product American Dictionary easily proved from question 1 quality line drawings and photographs, it tackles problems! Encapsulates and binds the fibers together to resist moisture penetration and fungal rot use moist in a sentence.... Much better if it loses more than 10mm of rain varies from so to in... Condensation inside the double glazing a considerable effect on its sensitiveness equilibrium with necessary... Formulated to gently cleanse the hair of its moisture and so reduce dryness of the gas monitored. A slight wetness that is usually pleasant or desirable Caithness pavement 4 in path to Lover 's.... Cells and speed healing from her hands and soil into bark and needed a more. Reacts with moisture its own wholly specific equilibrium moisture content sorption properties of are. Such favors bacterial growth this and other fungus pests notes, synonyms and more than of... Ocean, and not clammy with moisture to form hydrogen fluoride, a considerable effect on its sensitiveness in activities! Tons of wheat in spring low river flows a steep increase in soil moisture sensor measures the created. Very important that seeds should moisture sentence examples grown near water as they like much,! Forced it into a flowering condition the silk his other hand offers long cycles... Condition of the air and produce a change in moisture and high temperature of wood! A scarcely perceptible moisture was expressed as millimetres of dew fungus spores will not without!

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