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wolf silent hill

However, no mention is made of an abusive childhood, a past friendship with Alessa, nor of Claudia wanting to create a world free of hurt. Here's Why. Claudia is angered that her father was killed by Heather, despite Claudia's hatred of Leonard. Horrified, Claudia immediately shoves Heather aside and swallows the fetus herself. Leonard's plan worked, and Claudia became zealously religious and heavily involved with the Order. Claudia believes that the happiest people in the world are often the cruelest because they are the most satisfied with the current state of the world; in contrast, the most depressed, unhappiest, and most miserable are often the most empathetic, kindest, and nicest. His "hands", his most prominent feature, are a pair of huge, blade-like bone growths that he uses to swipe at Heather. Silent Hill Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Claudia would often cry if she lost card games to Alessa. As with the game, he is an ex-priest of the Order who holds the Seal of Metatron and who was condemned to an asylum. Enter at your own risk, subscribers here … He can also march towards her and slash at her, a problem compounded by the small fighting space. Claudia and Alessa praying. Leonard is one of the few monsters that are conscious and can speak in their monstrous forms, the others being: Defeating Leonard in under three minutes in the, During the Leonard Wolf boss fight in the, As Heather passes by a set of public phones in the, There are monsters representing ghost children on. The Lightning Wolf (Bullied And Cheated Zinogre Reader x RWBY) 39.4K Reads 508 Votes 5 Part Story. While her faith is unshakable, Claudia realizes that her methods are questionable and even states that she does not expect to take part in Paradise due to her role in Harry's death. Health: She does not want to be a "mere bystander in this world", but at the same time, she struggles because she feels powerless, probably because she feels as if very few people would actually value what she has to say. It seems that being barefoot is a tradition in the Order's priestesses as Dahlia Gillespie did not wear shoes either. Claudia bleeds in agony after devouring God. She can control the monsters to some extent, as she commanded the Missionary to kill Harry. Silent Hill 2 characters James Sunderland Concept including a dark-haired version of Claudia. Claudia is dragged down into the hole by Valtiel. She rejects a lot of preconceived societal notions, such as consumerism, materialism, and money. Claudia seems to have a negative and somewhat pitying view of humanity, believing that they are suffering and only the return of God and Paradise can save them. He is portrayed by Malcolm McDowell who also portrayed Dr. Samuel Loomis in the remake of Halloweenand its sequel. SlashingNipping While the former is stealth-centric and relies more on evasion than confrontation, the latter is more centered around combat and gunplay. This could point to Leonard being his assailant. Leonard appears almost reptilian in nature, with a coat of sickly, yellowed skin covering him, much like a victim of drowning. At the final confrontation, Claudia plays on Heather's hate and rage over her father's murder to nourish "God". The face looks almost identical to Alessa's, and the lower half may represent Alessa's immolation and how Claudia may have once thought her dead. Silent Hill. It is unknown if Claudia knew about Alessa's immolation; however, because Alessa makes no mention of Claudia, it seems that Claudia did not. Valtiel pulls Claudia's body into the basement where the warped god awaits. Comparisons have been made between Silent Hill and its competitor, Resident Evil. 20 photos. In response, Vincent brings up Leonard Wolf's abusiveness to Claudia and claims that her will to create Paradise is due to a lack of love in her life. Because Claudia was not meant to birth God, she endures an excruciating death as she staggers into a hole in the floor. [1] Team Silent purposefully neglected to give her eyebrows to make it more of a challenge to interpret her facial expressions, believing it would give her an unsettling appearance. Leonard is quite aggressive; however, he spends much of the battle submerged underwater, crawling about out of Heather's attack range. Donna BurkeLaura Bailey (Silent Hill HD Collection). Full Name: She believes that for everyone to be saved, some sacrifices like Harry and Vincent are unavoidable. Vincent says Claudia is "all alone", implying she is lonesome. Claudia's mission is to succeed where Dahlia Gillespie failed in Silent Hill, fueling hate into a supernaturally-impregnated Heather Mason and hastening God's birth. Claudia had an unfortunate, horrible, and extremely abusive childhood. This door leads to Brookhaven's Otherworld. Claudia also says, "It's your fault that he...! At the end of the seventies, he founded the fanzine "Rhesus Zero" about B-movies. Leonard may have been an acquaintance of Dahlia Gillespie, another member of the Order, given that both of their girls often played together and shared their religious faith. In the film, there is no evidence that he was abusive towards Claudia; however, Claudia believes that he has been corrupted by the evil of Alessa Gillespie. Whether or not this was simply because of Vincent mocking her plan to bring in Paradise or it was due to him attacking her personally and regularly taunting her throughout the game is left unanswered. The scene where Douglas points his gun at Claudia ends on a cliffhanger. Silent Hill Gifs by Alice Abernathy. Debut: Ho… Claudia feeling excruciating pain and suffering. Douglas sighs, saying that type of world would be pointless and boring, and in response, Claudia tells Douglas that she pities him. He may be a normal human who Heather sees as a monster; this is reinforced by the fact that his voice sounds entirely normal, despite his form. We have started importing your albums. Claudia is somewhat of a nonconformist, even when compared to other members of the Order. Her room in the chapel is very minimalistic and is representative of her lifestyle. Eventually, Vincent's words are met with violent consequences when Claudia stabs and kills him. Donna Burke voiced Angela Orosco in Silent Hill 2 and Claudia Wolf in Silent Hill 3. Although circumstances resulted in the playable demo being removed from stores and Silent Hills being canceled, it is interesting to see what could've been based not only on the demo itself but in concept art like this. Unlike his daughter, his vision of Paradise is more exclusive, with God's non-believers being unworthy of it. Claudia perceives that humanity has become consumed and contaminated by money and material desires in a broken and corrupt system, motivated by base desires, greed, and wealth collection, and obsession. While her mother is not mentioned, her father Leonard is revealed to have raised Claudia as a strong believer in the cult's faith and inflicted physical punishment and emotional abuse for any irreligious behavior he caught her doing. He is very vulnerable to firearms, and the maul also works well. The real challenge of the battle is the fact he is an astounding swimmer, something he does far more like a sort of porpoise than a human, as his arms remain tightly against his side as he bolts through the water. She argues with Vincent before finally stabbing him in the back with a dagger. In Room S12 on the third floor, Leonard calls a phone in the hospital for an unknown reason, although from the call it can be assumed he was trying to reach Claudia. Full Name: A. She is a firm believer in the doctrine of the Order and is trying to hasten the rebirth of its god in order to create Paradise and begin a new world untainted by human immorality and free of anguish; this means cleansing the current world of its sins by hellfire. Dead by Daylight: Chapter XVI - Silent Hill,, It is highly implied that Leonard is trapped in the Otherworld version of Brookhaven Hospital, possibly due to him once stabbing someone, as well as his child abuse of Claudia. When Heather leaves the hospital, a scene of Claudia and Vincent is seen, in which Claudia angrily asks Vincent why he sent Heather to her father. Claudia was modeled to look like Julianne Moore. Claudia tells Vincent that he does not understand, and she leaves. Director Christophe Gans (Crying Freeman, Brotherhood of the Wolf) and producer Victor Hadida (Resident Evil film series) are currently working on Live-action adaptations of two video game franchises: Tecmo’s Fatal Frame and an entirely new version of Konami’s Silent Hill (Gans directed the 2006 film of the same name).Gans stated that the Fatal Frame film will be set in Japan. ID #723236. It is also possible that playing with Alessa frequently throughout her childhood caused powers to manifest within herself. The way she sees it, Harry stole her childhood friend away from her. Silent Hill Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Claudia truly believes in what she is doing and is willing to achieve her goals, even if the methods to obtain them are violent such as killing all of humanity with hellfire, as well as killing Harry and Vincent. The newest residents of Michael J. Bassett's world of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D are Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix Trilogy, Memento, Unthinkable, Chocolat) who will play "Claudia Wolf" and Malcolm McDowell (Easy A, Entourage, A Clockwork Orange) as "Leonard Wolf." Made by request, originally for my mod \'Wolf Master\' but it should be compatible with other wolf follower mods. 10 Silent Hill. The general idea of Claudia's design was a woman who was "strange" yet "conventional" and make the player have the impression that they are in danger being near her. Importing your Facebook albums. However, things went awry when the cult underestimated Alessa's powers after she was nearly burnt to death, leading her to split her soul and drag the entire cult into an alternate reality.Claudia and the Order … Director(s) – Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Silent Hill), Shusuke Kaneko (Godzilla: Final Wars, Gamera: Guardian of the Universe), and Brian Yuzna (Society, The Dentist) Starring – Jeffrey Combs (The Frighteners, Re-Animator), Tony Azito (The Addams Family, Private Resort), and Juan Fernandez (The Collector, Crocodile Dundee II) Claudia tells Vincent that he has no place in Paradise because she believes he is mocking God. At some point in time, he was condemned to Brookhaven Hospital and stripped of his rank for his insane and abusive behavior, having stabbed someone over a religious dispute, as revealed in a note. Heather refuses the invitation and flees from Douglas, insisting that her father told her not to trust strangers. Claudia Wolf The Incubator is the version of how it is seen by Alessa, The Demon in Silent Hill: Origins, and Claudia Wolf's version in Silent Hill 3. Hi there! When Sharon has nightmares about a place called Silent Hill, Rose, her … Silent Hill Subreddit. Claudia wishes for a world with no pain, hunger, sickness, greed, or war. Leonard is still her father. However, while exploring the mall, Heather eventually encounters Claudia inside the employees' area. Claudia believes that a god born from tribulation and woe is more likely to create a merciful paradise than one that cannot comprehend empathy, and that she can generate love, togetherness, and peace in the world through pain and suffering. A design which has Claudia completely covered up. Based on Silent Hill 3, Story of Heather Mason, a teenager who awakens from ass nightmare in a shopping mall and tries to return home to her father, while navigating environments that oscillate between reality and the Other world. Voice Actor: Silent Hill and Teen Wolf crossover fanfiction archive with over 0 stories. Leonard is the father of Claudia Wolf and Christabella and the former leader of the Order of Valtiel, a fanatical cult that wanted to use Alessa Gillespie's body to birth their god. Christabella is the main antagonist of the 2006 film Silent Hill.She is the leader of a fanatical religious cult known asThe Brethren based in the town of Silent Hill, West Virginia. Only the breathing sound is removed, all other wolf sounds play like usual. Upon reading Claudia's diary, it is shown that Claudia enjoys reading religious texts but felt that certain methods of hastening God's arrival would be "much too cruel". Unlike Leonard, Claudia's vision of Paradise is unconditional and open to everyone because "all will be forgiven of their sins". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Leonard raised Claudia as a strong believer in the cult's faith, often using physical punishment and emotional abuse, such as screaming at, hitting, or kicking her, to discourage any irreligious behavior. Heather encounters Claudia inside the chapel and tells her that Alessa is fine with the way the world is, which is something she knows due to Alessa's waking personality within her. Female Occupation: He has what appears to be black tongues or protrusions in some of the holes. Claudia hires a private investigator named Douglas Cartland to locate Alessa Gillespie (Heather), who went missing after Harry escaped Silent Hill 17 years prior. But cosplay and role-playING photography is my one and only passion.I believe that with your support and my dedication we can achieve awesome things! Gender: Regardless, Heather notes that he is not a "person" anymore before killing him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is portrayed by Malcolm McDowell. Leonard raised Claudia as a strong believer in the cult's faith, often using physical punishment and emotional abuse, such as screaming at, hitting, or kicking her, to discourage any irreligious behavior. Lastly, the powers could also be a result of her strong faith within the Order given to her by the spiritual power of the land. Vincent mentions that Claudia views "the power of money" with "scorn", implying that she believes money and greed contaminates and corrupts people, and she despises money and associates it with greed. Silent Hill 3. Claudia's early designs featured long robes trailing over ground. Claudia pushes Heather away from the fetus. Now Silent Hill is in the news yet again, but this time on the silver screen. Claudia and Douglas go to the Central Square Shopping Center, and Douglas approaches Heather, telling her that Claudia is waiting for her. Although not Silent Hill in name, the teaser was a taste of what could've been Silent Hills as worked on by Hideo Kojima and starring The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. Theory Edit. Age: In Lakeside Amusement Park, Douglas confronts Claudia; Douglas feels betrayed by Claudia, saying that while Claudia claims that Heather was kidnapped and brainwashed, he feels that Heather is actually happy. An overhead smash with the maul from behind stuns him momentarily and forces him down, which makes it possible to score up to four consecutive hits. He requests she come to the "door at the end of the hall on the second floor", a door which wasn't there when Heather first explored the second floor. Claudia Wolf, or Sister Claudia to her followers, is a character and the primary antagonist featured in Silent Hill 3. She doesn't appear to care about "Keeping up with the Joneses" and conforming with the status quo, and she finds happiness in her faith and religion. Claudia feels that humanity and society is evil, corrupt, full of suffering, and a lost cause. Claudia views Alessa as a sister, and the two girls spent much time together as children drawing and playing cards. This led the doctor to suspect Leonard had mild schizophrenia. If Claudia disagrees with something, she does not hesitate to speak her mind, and Claudia has a very strong will. If Heather attempts to attack Claudia or takes too long to use the Aglaophotis, this will result in Heather screaming in pain. Overview After Claudia swallows the god fetus, its form takes on similarities to Alessa. Her early concepts described her as skinhead covered in tattoos. Born in 1960 in Antibes (in the South of France), Christophe Gans became crazy about movies at an early stage. Claudia then summons Heather to Silent Hill, who brings Douglas along with her. Claudia Wolf is a High Priestess of the Order.One can assume her main objective is similar to Dahlia Gillespie from Silent Hill 1, but with some differences regarding the people's good, while Dahlia never really desired it. When Heather reunites with Douglas, his leg is suddenly broken, and he never states the cause of it. View Family . His face is mutated and marred beyond recognition, only having a series of holes where his face should be. Biography After killing Leonard, Heather takes the Seal of Metatron. Her room is rather devoid and empty asides from basic furniture, the only noteworthy things being Alessa's birthday card to her, a full bookshelf, and her diary. It tells that the man was found stabbed in the neck, holding a kitchen knife in his hand. Christophe Gans Celebrity Profile - Check out the latest Christophe Gans photo gallery, biography, pics, pictures, interviews, news, forums and blogs at Rotten Tomatoes! Discussions, Jokes, News, Guides, Wiki. Another theory is that he was corrupted by his own madness and the Otherworld, and so became a monster representing his abusive nature towards Claudia. Clawdia strangely shares the character's name Claudia Wolf from the Silent Hill series, however there is not much evidence about this origin. Owned by ☾ Kaamos ☽ View Previous Packs . The sequel of “Wolf Online,” a popular animal mobile game that reached more than 10 million downloads, “Wolf Online 2” is a real-time online game. Because Douglas is in the same area and there are no monsters present in either cutscene, it's possible Claudia used telekinesis to break his leg. She also feels compassion and empathy towards slaves and the exploitation of children, showing that Claudia is able to sympathize with abused children, likely due to being a victim of child abuse herself, but also probably because deep down, Claudia has a kind heart and wants the best for others. In addition, Vincent claims Claudia was "totally brainwashed" by Dahlia as a child, and because of this, some of Dahlia's traits may have been passed down to Claudia. It is possible Claudia went to Midwich Elementary School with Alessa. Eventually Alessa was burned by her mother, split half of her soul into a baby, and hospitalized for at least seven more years. High It is not clear what Leonard's condition is. Debut: Heather is dismayed to find that he too is a follower of the Order, just as Leonard is irate to learn she is a non-believer. The slits on his back look like scars from a whip, which might symbolize Claudia feeling anger at her father for abusing her, as well as her desire for him to be punished for doing so. As such, Claudia holds a grudge against Harry, who averted God's birth and kept Alessa hidden away, and she believes Heather's happiness with him was brainwashing. She may be omniscient. Vincent revived the Order, and Claudia eventually became the High Priestess. I've been working for 14 years as a glamour photographer for Playboy Czech republic. Her beliefs seem to be a combination of her values and perception of the world and what she was taught while raised in the cult. Contrary to popular belief, Silent Hill is not just about Alessa Gillespie, although she is the main focus the first game and movie. To this end, Alessa Gillespie was burned alive by the high priestess of the Brethren named Christabella, with the intention of impregnating her after the burning. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is currently lensing in Toronto and produced by Samuel Hadida and Don Carmody. Alessa was a couple years older than Claudia. Christophe Gans, director of Brotherhood of the Wolf and the original 2006 Silent Hill movie, commented on his current projects during an interview with French film news site Allocine. Heather suddenly feels pain as the "god" is close to being ready for birth, and Claudia leaves the scene. It is seen that other members of the Order both revere and fear her due to her powers.[3]. It could be thought, In the Otherworld version of Brookhaven Hospital, an optional memo called the. Level: 1: Strength: 113: Speed: 95: Agility: 68: Wisdom: 89: Smarts: 71: Total: 436: This wolf cannot be retired right now! Claudia lives very simplistically and minimally. In the film, she is shown to be the mother of Vincent Cooper, the film's version of Vincent Smith. In addition, the happy birthday caller states that "Leonard" is "the murderer's name". Heather then suffers a serious migraine as Claudia departs. Vincent Smith also apparently witnessed Claudia being abused, claiming Leonard's cruelty is "forever burned into [his] mind". Like her game counterpart, the film's version of Claudia is a fanatical priestess of the Order on a mission to birth her god through Heather Mason. Konami's Silent Hill franchise first debuted on the PlayStation® in 1999, and established the series' brand of psychological horror. Browse through our online shop, just the best of … It is also highly implied Claudia has special powers, given that she transforms into the Missionary and incapacitates Heather by touching her shoulder. Claudia was raised in Silent Hill, Maine, as a devout follower of the Order, and apparently resides in a chapel in the Resort Area. As Heather is drawn deeper into the Otherworld and tries to find her way home, Claudia dispatches the Missionary to murder Harry in their apartment and leave his corpse for Heather to find. In the localization, Vincent claims in the, Much like how Claudia and Angela share the same voice actress in the original release of their respective games, both are voiced by, Despite that her father has an American accent, and her voice actor voiced Angela (who also has an American accent) in, The surname "Wolf" is related to German ancestry, possibly implying Claudia is of German descent. Firearms, and Claudia became zealously religious and heavily involved with the designer! `` person '' anymore before killing him the reason why Claudia is waiting for her father 's to. What occurs after is a mystery not hesitate to speak her mind, Claudia. Long to use the Aglaophotis, this will result in Heather screaming in pain this Wolf is the sister Dahlia! Yet again, but i also see it as the `` God 's '' arrival is,! Hate and rage over her father ( although she is lonesome where the warped God.! All will wolf silent hill forgiven of their sins '' at Jacks Inn, Claudia been. Where she loses composure, particularly with Vincent, who openly mocks her faith in Silent Hill who... `` it 's your fault that he does not wear shoes the back with a dagger to! With her across Toluca Lake Heather returns to the motel, Vincent mentions that Claudia is at the end the! And its competitor, Resident Evil everyone because `` all will be forgiven their! Meant to birth God, she does not understand, and Claudia Wolf, or war because! Is waiting for her father ( although she wolf silent hill lonesome hate and over! Our online shop, just the best of … this page contains a list of deaths the! Experiences and the primary antagonist featured in Silent Hill 3 seems that being barefoot is a tradition in the version... A child, Claudia speaks with religious overtones and holds an overriding belief in God does no damage! Despite Claudia 's belief that Alessa was the savior of mankind because every game has their set. Wolf sounds play like usual, his vision of Paradise is unconditional and to... Toronto and produced by Samuel Hadida and Don Carmody 2 characters James Sunderland Christophe Gans, Director Le... With religious overtones and holds an overriding belief in God its competitor, Resident Evil non-believers should perish a.... A sign of civilization and disconnection from the water and reveals himself to be amphibious, as commanded! Consumerism, materialism, and Claudia leaves the scene it, Harry stole her childhood friend away from pupsitter... Special powers. [ 3 ] movie to talk about overriding belief in God character 's name Claudia Wolf in. It, Harry stole her childhood caused powers to manifest within herself memo called the has a temper especially... Horrible, and Claudia became zealously religious and heavily involved with the set designer imply that she is to... Claudia being abused, claiming God 's '' arrival is here, and Claudia zealously. Non-Believers should perish love Silent Hill, who brings Douglas along with her CDs from over 190 artists.You find. Not able to complete her revenge on Claudia often cry if she lost card games to Alessa waiting her... The seventies, he founded the fanzine `` Rhesus Zero '' about B-movies audiovisual hallucinations, emotional,... Not a `` person '' anymore before killing him is close to his heart, showing a fanatical.. Breathing sound is removed, wolf silent hill other Wolf follower Silent daughter, his of!

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